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From:Dan Nelson Date:March 27 2001 11:01pm
Subject:Re: MySQL vs MS-SQL performance
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In the last episode (Mar 27), Steve Quezadas said:
> Most of the accounts I have read about MySQL was that it was one of
> the fastest databases around. Now, for development purposes I created
> a FreeBSD system with JUST MySQL (no other major processes). Then I
> created a separate Windows 2000 ASP server to server as our
> development server for our new site. The two servers communicated via
> Anyways, a period of time elapsed and we decided to move to MS-SQL
> server for feature reasons, and when we had the MS-SQL ODBC driver
> point to the newly created MS-SQL server (roughly same specs), it was
> like 50% faster! What gives? Is MySQL *really* that slow, MS-SQL
> *really* that fast, or maybe there was some weird setting in the ODBC
> driver or the MySQL server that I didn't switch right which made it
> go slow. I am not sure.

It all depends on what you're doing.  Microsoft's ODBC drivers allow
all client connections used subqueries, for example.  If a particular
database backend doesn't support it, the ODBC driver does the
subselects itself.  This can multiply the number of queries to the
backend database by 10-1000, depending on the complexity of your
queries.  Or if you have a high amount of updates vs selects, you might
be hampered by the MYISAM table format's table-level locking.  Moving
to BDB tables (or INNOBASE or GEMINI tables when they stabilize) might

Turn logging on for a while, check to see what queries your NT servers
are sending, and read all of chapter 12 in the Mysql manual.

	Dan Nelson
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