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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 10 1999 2:44pm
Subject:Re: Importing Tables
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At 3:36 PM +0100 7/10/1999, Martin E. Koss wrote:
>> Subject: Re: Dump?
>> In MySQL, "dump" is an export from the database to a file.  You're
>> trying to import data from a file into the database.  Try:
>> 	% mysqlimport --help
>> and see if that provides the information you need.
>> Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
>Did that, and tried what I interpreted and it failed umpteen times. One
>tutorial tells me to use:
>mysql -u root mydb < mydb.dump
>And I have tried mysqlimport databasename databasename.txt
>But that sort of thing just fails.
>Is there a specific location the file should be in, or should I be in the
>database I want to import to, or should I be just at the telnet prompt?

% mysqlimport --help
mysqlimport  Ver 1.3 Distrib 3.23.0-alpha, for unknown-linux-gnulibc1 (powerpc)
Monty & Jani. This software is in public Domain
This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

Loads tables from text files in various formats.  The base name of the
text file must be the name of the table that should be used.

So your text file must be named tablename.txt - that is, you
should have one file per table.  Otherwise, how will mysqlimport
know what table in your database the data should be loaded into?

By the way, next time it would help to see the error messages you're
getting.  "It fails" doesn't provide much information.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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