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From:Fulko Hew Date:March 26 2001 1:38pm
Subject:Re: Mysql vs ....
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<tonu@stripped> wrote:

> The biggest reason to avoid Microsoft products when I choose platforms
> and tools for projects is missing freedom. I never know why but maybe I
> really like MSSQL but I have some reason to drop NT - I can't do this.
> MSSQL runs only on 
> NT. In own projects I always try to keep myself free from any limits to
> be ready to migrate in case of emergency. 

Let me play devils advocate here.  (Remember this is _not my_ opinion!)

If I were to say something like that at my work,
I'd get the following response:

"Why would we EVER consider dropping something like NT.
 Yeah, I know you like UNIX systems,
 Yeah, I know they are more reliable,
 Yeah, I know they are faster, non-bloated, etc.
 Yeah, I know its more expensive to maintain,
 But I don't want to sell a UNIX solution to our customers."

Unfortunately, this is a widly held attitude.
My rebuttal always is:

"We are not in the OS business, we don't sell operating systems...
 we sell solutions... vertical solutions.
 'No user serviceable parts inside.'
 Our customers never even see the OS, when they use the product."

"Oson, Chris M." <CHRIS.M.OSON@stripped> wrote:

> Not only that, but mySQL "forces" you to learn SQL.  Not by wizards that
> build the SQL statement for you.

Again, the MS proponents (and my people) would say that:
"'wizards' are a good thing... A _great_ thing, and any software that
doesn't have wizards, is a backwards, antiquated software that isn't
user friendly..."

Sorry, If I sound cynical here, but I go through these arguments
every day.

But having said all that, I still only develop non-MS solutions, using
open-source (and as license free as possible). Much to the envy of my
cohorts, who are _forced_ to develop on MS platforms with MS tools,
who patiently tolerate those un-friendly tools, anomolous behaviour,
and fairly slow development cycles.

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