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From:Vivek Khera Date:March 23 2001 4:12pm
Subject:Re: MySQL vs PostreSQL ??
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>>>>> "t" == topmailbox  <tmb> writes:

t> How does PostreSQL compair to MySQL ?

Did you read what it has to say about this in the manual?

t> I'm sure each has it's own advantages & disadvantages.


t> What are some of the major ones?

Depends on what your needs are.  One person's advantage is another's

t> Which would be more capible in a large web base
t> database where the database was very large and the hit
t> rate very high?

Again, it depends on what your specific needs are.  Most likely,
you'll need to evaluate them both yourself probably with some
benchmarks and then decide which is "better".

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