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From:Sasha Pachev Date:July 8 1999 8:38pm
Subject:Re: Blobs
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DJs Disc wrote:
> I've run out of places to try to find out how to
> place a pointer to a file into a BLOB field.  The
> closest info so far is that one uses (X'....') and
> types in the entire binary file while escaping all
> special chrs like single quotes and nulls.
> Disclaimer #1:  I'm new to MySQL, although not to
> programming, so I'm scrambling on this project.
> Disclaimer #2:  In the event this subject has already
> been beaten to death here, how do I pick up old
> threads for this list? (To try to avoid flames.)

Why a pointer to a file, and what kind of pointer are you talking about?
The best pointer to a file I am aware of is the full path to it, which
you can insert quite nicely most of the time without escaping anything.

If you really want to escape, use mysql_escape_string() in C or
DBI->quote() in Perl
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