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From:Thomas R. Bedell Date:March 20 1999 3:29pm
Subject:MySQL & C API - Syntax
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Sorry about the stupid question.  But I am a FNG to C and MySQL.  But 
here goes>>>
I am currently running Redhat 5.1, MySQL 3_22_20a, (I have installed  Bench, Client and
Devel packages also) and glibc-2_0_7-19.
Now the stupid part:
Can someone please provide the proper syntax to simply connect to MySQL.  Assuming the
Database is "test"?  I assume, I would use  MySQL_Real_Connect().  As you know, If the
syntax is not exactly  correct, I will get compile errors.
Also, to avoid stupid questions in the future, can someone please point  me to the proper
C API manual for MySQL?
Thanks a million,


The end result???  I am trying to build an online database using HTML, 
MySQL, C.  Connecting to MySQL is the stumbling block at this point.  

MySQL & C API - SyntaxThomas R. Bedell20 Mar
  • Re: MySQL & C API - SyntaxPaul DuBois20 Mar