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From:Bryan Wheelock Date:March 16 2001 9:46pm
Subject:INSERT records into multiple tables
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I'm just learning how to use MySQL and I am searching for a more simple way
of doing an INSERT query into multiple tables simultaneously.
I have done my best to nominalize my DB but that creates but I'm confused as
to how to insert data into the DB and have all the related table be updated.
I think that I can work out some way using conditional statements in PHP to
insert the data into all the records, but I'm thinking there must be a more
elegant and faster way of doing this.

table people
1    Bryan    student
2    Jill         teacher
3     Bob     student

table job
1    student
2    teacher

If I want to insert a record to table PEOPLE :
insert into people values('4', 'Jon', doctor)

How can I do this without having to also do a separate insert into table

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