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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 8 1999 4:33am
Subject:Re: FreeBSD and --enable-assembler
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>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Nelson <dnelson@stripped> writes:

Dan> In the last episode (Jul 07), Martin Nilsson said:
>> I've managed to compile mysql 3.22.23b with --enable-assembler on
>> FreeBSD-3.2-STABLE and FreeBSD-4.0-CURRENT as of yesterday if I
>> change all comment characters in strings/strings.s and
>> strings/longlong2str-x86.s from / to #, I don't know if this is
>> a valid syntax on other platforms as well but it works here.
>> It seems that the FBSD assembler gets confused on lines with a command 
>> without arguments but with a comment started by /  as the lines below:
>> std                             / Work downward
>> movsb                           / One byte a time because overlap
>> !

Dan> According to the gas info page, the only valid comments should be

Dan> /* */   c-style comments and
Dan> #       shell-script-style comments

Dan> FreeBSD does not use "/" as a comment because then lines like this:

Dan> movw  $(SCR_ROW-1)*SCR_COL/2, %cx         # Words to move

Dan> would fail because the division symbol would be interpreted as a
Dan> comment :)

Dan> 	-Dan Nelson
Dan> 	dnelson@stripped


--enable-assembler should work in MySQL 3.22.24 and above.

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