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From:Heikki Tuuri Date:March 12 2001 4:32pm
Subject:Re: Innobase in MySQL
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>I wasn't sure if I should email to the mysql list or directly to you.  Here

maybe it is best both to post to the mailing list and send a carbon copy
directly to me, so that others can share the advice.

>are my questions about the Innobase tables:
>1) Do you have to start a transaction before a select, or does AUTOCOMMIT
>still work as it does with BDB and GEMINI?

Autocommit commits your work after each SQL statement. You do not
need to start a transaction explicitly. If you set autocommit=0
in MySQL, then after each commit, Innobase automatically starts
a new transaction when the next SQL statement arrives to be processed.

>2) Can you perform backups as with other tables?

You have to shut down the database, make sure that it shuts down without
errors, and then copy the Innobase data files to a safe place (it is
safest also to copy the log files). Note that the .frm files only contain
table definitions, not table data, which resides in the data files you specify
in my.cnf. Currently there is no incremental backup nor on-line backup
in Innobase.

>3) If I have BDB tables now, how can I get the data into Innobase tables?

You can use the ALTER TABLE statement:




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