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From:Heikki Tuuri Date:March 12 2001 4:17pm
Subject:Innobase released in MySQL-3.23.34a source distribution:
transactions and row level locking now in MySQL
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Hi, readers of the mailing list!

the Innobase table handler has finally been released as a part of
the MySQL-3.23.34a source distribution Tarball. Note that the Windows
source distribution or the binary distributions do not contain yet

I have copied below the release note. I will post more information to
my website as I get feedback and bug reports from users.

Innobase engine released in the MySQL-3.23.34a source distribution for
Unix. (Helsinki, March 12th, 2001) The Innobase engine source code has
been released under the GNU GPL License 2 as a part of MySQL-3.23.34a
source distribution for Unix. You can find the source distribution file
from the MySQL website:,
look at source downloads for 3.23.34a Tarball. 

Innobase adds transactions, rollback, commit, row level locking, and
an Oracle-style consistent non-locking read to MySQL, the popular
open-source database. The combination MySQL/Innobase is probably the
world's fastest disk-based relational transactional database. 

How to compile MySQL-3.23.34a with Innobase?

After downloading, unzipping, and untarring the 'Tarball', go to the
main directory of MySQL (usually named mysql-3.23.34a), and type: 

./configure --with-innobase
Then you have to compile and install MySQL. For information on this look at
the MySQL documentation. 

To create tables in the Innobase format you have to first specify
Innobase startup options in the my.cnf file. For instructions how to
specify them, see section 8.7 of the MySQL online manual at the MySQL website. 

You can create tables in the Innobase format by specifying TYPE=INNOBASE
after the table creation statement: 

CREATE TABLE t10 (a int not null, b int, primary key (a)) TYPE=INNOBASE;

Questions, comments, bug reports on MySQL/Innobase:

Please send your feedback on Innobase to Heikki.Tuuri@stripped
You can also post your feedback on the MySQL mailing lists: see
the Documentation section of the MySQL website on instructions how to
subscribe and post to the mailing lists. The main mailing list, simply
named mysql, is the liveliest one. If you can report a repeatable bug,
you can also post to the bugs mailing list. I would also like to receive
reports from those who have tested Innobase, but who have no problems.
It is helpful to know where the system is working well. 
Helsinki, March 12th, 2001
Heikki Tuuri
Innobase Oy

Innobase released in MySQL-3.23.34a source distribution:transactions and row level locking now in MySQLHeikki Tuuri12 Mar