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From:Kyle Cordes Date:March 20 1999 4:32am
Subject:RAID levels
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> >  It really is up to the final customer.  I prefer raid 5 over
> mirroring
> >for maximum up time in the commercial products I've seen.
> I have to agree here. 0+1 is a cheaper and faster solution but when it
> comes to stability RAID 5 is the biz. We've had a number of crashes
> (which proved to be a bad channel on our RAID controller in the end) and
> with hot-swap and RAID 5 we never needed to take down the system until
> we had to replace the controller.

RAID 0+1 (striping+mirroring) requite 2N drives for N drives worth of 
data, while RAID 5 requires only N+1 drives for N drives worth of 

RAID 0+1 is a faster but *more expensive*.  It generally works using 
exactly the same controller and hot-swap support as RAID 5, except 
that you need more drives for the same amount of net storage.  0+1 is 
also more reliable in the sense that more than one drive can fail
(as long as they are not a mirrored pair) without losing data or 

Here are sites with RAID level information:

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