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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 7 1999 9:54am
Subject:incremental UPDATE problem in 3.22.22
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>		Hi!
>	I have MySQL 3.22.22 on FreeBSD3.2.
>Whenever I try to run `ab' (apache tool) on my web page, sql query:
>UPDATE DailyAdViews SET Views=3DViews+1 WHERE TO_DAYS(Now()) =3D TO_DAYS(AD=
>ate) AND AdID=3D1001
>just hangs till I restart mysqld. Though the same query runs
>normally before I run `ab'.
>	After that when I try to run the same query again
>it looks that it increments `Views' forever running in loop until I
>restart mysqld.
>	If I replace tables with backup version, everything
>runs normally again.
>	Does somebody has any ideas?


The above problem is known and explaind in the MySQL manual, section:

'Known errors and design deficiencies in MySQL'

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