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From:Martin Ramsch Date:July 7 1999 7:50am
Subject:Re: Drumbeat2000
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On Mi, 1999-07-07 09:38:03 +0200, Martin Edelius wrote:
> I feel that PHP3 is better than PERL (can't say about Javaservlets,
> never seen 'em) mostly because you can include HTML as you wish in PHP3.
> In PERL you'd have to print() every line of HTML code, in PHP3 you just
> escape to HTML with ?> and back to PHP3 with <?php.
> Sorry, I'm turning this list into a PHP3 list... 8)

Just to be fair, please note that you easily can output large parts of
verbatim HTML code in perl, too:

print <<'ENDMARKER';
<H1>Here we go</H1>
And some text ...

Using quote marks instead of apostrophes, you even can insert
variables directly:

print <<"ENDMARKER";
<H1>Here we go, dear $name</H1>
And some text ...

I won't go further into languages wars, though! :-)

I'm using both PHP and perl ...
(And MySQL, of course ;-)

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