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From:Martin Edelius Date:July 7 1999 7:38am
Subject:SV: Drumbeat2000
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>UNIX is fast, and PHP makes it even faster.
>PHP doesn't control anything you don't want it to and you do it in a
>PHP does the same thing, faster and with minimal lines of code

I just have to pitch in with a voice of support here. I had never seen
one line of PHP3 up until 6 months ago when I had to take over a games
site (hobby project) written completely in PHP2/FI. At the time PHP3 had
been relesed so I rewrote the entire site in PHP3 with an underlying
MySQL database. It took me two weeks going through the old code and
going through the manual and I knew enough to rewrite the site. I have
prior C/PERL programming knowledge though but it shouldn't be too hard
for someone somewhat familiar with programming.

I feel that PHP3 is better than PERL (can't say about Javaservlets,
never seen 'em) mostly because you can include HTML as you wish in PHP3.
In PERL you'd have to print() every line of HTML code, in PHP3 you just
escape to HTML with ?> and back to PHP3 with <?php.

Sorry, I'm turning this list into a PHP3 list... 8)

Go for MySQL and PHP3 if you ask me. Just make sure that your production
server supports PHP3. MySQL is not hard at all for a project of your
size. I'm having to read through a book or two now but I'm designing a
pretty big system on the other hand. It's like Steve said, it's a linear
learning curve; easy stuff is doable after a couple of hours tinkering,
bigger stuff needs knowledge and experience.

Good luck!

Best regards,
Martin Edelius

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