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From:jonathan michaels Date:July 7 1999 3:27am
Subject:Re: ram: 1 gig or 2 ?
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On Tue, Jul 06, 1999 at 05:14:26PM -0700, matthew mcglynn wrote:
> I'm building a quad-xeon server that will be dedicated to
> MySQL. Basic specs:
>  - 4x 500 MHz Xeon processors, 512k cache per CPU

actually you would be far better using the 1 mb or 2 mb l2 
cache versions, because

>  - Mylex extremeRaid card, configured for RAID 0+1 (stripe + mirror)
>  - 1 gig of RAM
>  - Linux, 2.2.X kernel
> The open question at this point is: is it worth spending
> another $2000 (approx) on a second gig of RAM ? The cost
> isn't really all that important, although if the OS or
> the database can't make use of it, there's no point in
> wasting the money.

you might run into system architecture problems, i don't know 
enought about linux to comment on that part of the mix, but at 
dram quantities over 512mb you start running into the ardess 
space teh ahrdware sees as its own, in particular the pci buss. 
thought this is over the 1 gb mark and could be under teh 2 gb 
mark, you will need to check this out with you 
motherboard/bios/bridge chipset supplier.

i am not completely certain about the 2 gb, it could be 
happening under 4 gb address mark .. at any rate it requires 
verifying. also check with people who know. mr torvalds should 
be the authorotative source on kernel issues such as this.

take care, this is the classic example of hardware overtaking 
even the wildest imaginations of teh software developers, its 
been like this since 1972, when i started in this rat race, er 
business .. grin, sorta.

> The total database size is over 1 gig, spread out across
> 20-30 tables, but we project growth to 3 gigs of data and

make sure you get it in writing from your linux distributor, mr 
torvalds, your hardware supplier and or the ancilliary 
components suppliers . before you commit to this plan system 
usage .. this is one of those occassions were a little 
forethought could say you lots of hassles further down the 

its far eisier to get a sgi or sun sparc server and upgrade 
processors and system resources, than, to develop on a hobbled 
architcture like linux/intel and have to do a crash changeover 
when it falls apart when teh seams get a little streched. 

> 30-40 tables in the mid-term. The database will see 3-5
> million SQL transactions per day, mixed insert/update/delete.
> Any other comments on this architecture ?

ps my remarks apply equally to combination that i currently use 
freebsd/intel .. the fly in teh ointment is the /intel bit.



Jonathan Michaels
PO Box 144, Rosebery, NSW 1445 Australia

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