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From:Lauren Daniel Stegman Date:July 7 1999 12:49am
Subject:User Authentication Sessions with MySQL
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I am migrating to MySQL from a pseudo-relational, home-written PERL database
engine using ASCII delimited tables for data storage.

Currently I authenticate users by comparing the userid and encrypted
passwords returned through CGI to a user authentication table.  If the
entries match the authentication routine writes a file named
"username.randomized#extension" to a user session directory and also ads a
line to a log file describing their action.  The randomized#extension also
records the time of the login. Now everytime the user performs an action, an
session authorization routine checks to see if there is a file in the user
sessions directory and checks to see if it has expired.

I assume that my scripts will login to MySQL itself using a "website" login
from localhost only.  So, in converting to MySQL with PHP3 and/or PERL::DBI
should I continue using this routine or is their a better option?  I don't
think I want to use the MySQL grant_privileges tables since I have a ton of
users.  I could envision changing my system to simply write everything to a
MySQL "user_sessions_table".

Anyway, I am sure that there are great solutions out there.

 Maybe someone can share?!

Thanks in advance,
Lauren Stegman

User Authentication Sessions with MySQLLauren Daniel Stegman7 Jul
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