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From:Sasha Pachev Date:July 6 1999 9:31pm
Subject:Re: Unable to Connect to MYSQL Error: 2002
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Art Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> I getting the following error message when I try to connect to my MYSQL
> server which is hosted at a remote location:
> Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server
> When I try to telnet in using [ajs5mz2@4ua ajs5mz2]$
> /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql hallanet_com -pmypassword
> I get: ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MYSQL server
> I have not changed anything on my end and my site host is not responding to
> me request for help. Is there anything I can do on my end to:
> 1) Establish my connection
> 2) Determine why I can't connect
> Art

Whatever you are doing to connect, somehow you are forgetting to specify
the host name of the remote server.

mysql hallanet_com -pmypassword  will attempt to connect to a MySQL
server running on localhost with the user name set to the current unix
user and password set to mypassword. Apparently you do not have mysqld
running on the machine that you are trying to connect from. My best
guess is that you should do the following:

 mysql -h -u<you> -p<your_password>

I actually tested - it looks like the MySQL server there is
running, but having problems. Attempt to connect through mysql results
in Unknown MySQL error instead of Access denied. When I telneted to port
3306, I saw one funny character and then the server immediately closed
connection. It appears to be some misconfiguration of the server and it
is your ISP's problem that they need to fix - they should be the ones
posting to the list. If they refuse to do it, there are plenty of ISP's
that have MySQL and have a much better attitude. 

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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