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From:Ed Carp Date:February 23 2001 4:38am
Subject:FW: [Fwd: Re: nesting tables]
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I'm forwarding this to the list, as someone asked me on list today about
this, and I can't find their post to respond to...

> >Speaking as someone new with MySQL.  I can see your point Ed about this
> >being a general database question, but were do you draw the line?  If
> >the tool you are using is MySQL and what you are looking for is a
> >solution with that tool, then isn't this the place to post that
> >question?  If you were to find an "alt.database" news group, the first
> >thing they would ask you is what database are you using?  So the finger
> >pointing becomes circular.  This group says it is the databases job to
> >help, the database group says it is a MySQL's group to help.  Not really
> >trying to be sarcastic, just looking for a valid source of information
> >when I am trying to solve database issues using MySQL as the tool.
> >From my POV, if it's a generic SQL question, it really doesn't belong on
> MySQL list - stuff like "how do I join two tables" or "how do I update all
> records with x".  That's why I suggested a decent book on SQL, because
> SQL you will find applies to any database running SQL.
> For example, a "select * from xyz" will run the same, regardless of the
> database, be it MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, Sybase,
> Most of the database-specific stuff comes in two forms - (1) features in
> SQL specification that aren't supported by the database or (2) extensions
> the standard.  That I would expect to have answered by the list - but only
> after at least glancing through the manual (which, by the way, has an
> excellent search tool).  I think that in the two years I've been using
> I think I've posted two questions to the list, and the last question I had
> that I couldn't find in the manual was answered by searching for the error
> message in the list archives.  As a general rule, if you're having a
> with MySQL, someone in the past has probably had the same problem, and it
> a great time-saver to look through the FAQ section of the manual and the
> list archives to see if someone has already answered the question rather
> than post it yet again to the list.
> Make sense?

FW: [Fwd: Re: nesting tables]Ed Carp23 Feb