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From:Steve Edberg Date:February 22 2001 7:18pm
Subject:Re: Turn off MySql Warning Messages
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Well, this is a database interface (in this case, I assume PHP) 
question rather than a mysql question, but:

Prepend the mysql_connect() with an @ sign to suppress error message reporting:

	or die ("Server Currently Unavailable");

See the PHP docs for more info:

or go to, enter the search term 'error'.


At 11:28 AM -0600 2/22/01, samsom, debra wrote:
>I would Like to Turn Off the following MySQL Connect Warning message.   Any
>Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Can't connect to MySQL server on
>'localhost' (10061) in e:\program files\apache
>group\apache\htdocs\dwg\dwg.php on line 22
>Server Currently Unavailable
>This is the code that is returning the above error message.
>     or die ("Server Currently Unavailable");
>Debra Samsom
>Bristol Aerospace Ltd.
>(204) 775-8331 3402

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