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From:Sasha Pachev Date:July 5 1999 11:53pm
Subject:Re: SV: [Fwd: Timestamp and total time taken]
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Martin Edelius wrote:
> >So, I could keep the cool timestamp fields for my own records but
> perhaps add
> >fields where the time would be captured by the OS with the time()
> funtion and
> >have rttotal=rtout-rtin in seconds and then divide by 60 until I get
> minutes
> >and hours?
> Yes, that would work. I guess that there's better ways of doing it but a
> value from time() is rather versatile.
> Best regards,
> Martin Edelius
> Spirex Digital Design

Or you can use MySQL time functions, that will give you better
performance among other things. For details, check the manual and do a
couple of exercises in mysql client.

Sasha Pachev
SV: [Fwd: Timestamp and total time taken]Martin Edelius5 Jul
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