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From:Barry Date:July 5 1999 4:41pm
Subject:MySQL 3.23 & autoincrement
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Hello All,

I just downloaded the WinNT 3.22.24 and was looking through the new manual
at the Changes in 3.22.24 section. I came upon the following statement
about the MyISAM tables planned for 3.23.x.

"Internal handling of one AUTO_INCREMENT column. MyISAM will automatically
update this on INSERT/UPDATE. The AUTO_INCREMENT value can be reset with
myisamchk. This will make AUTO_INCREMENT columns faster and old numbers
will not be reused."

I am happy to see that old numbers will not be re-used, but am I
miss-reading this? Will an Update on an existing row modify the
Auto_Increment value? Using an Auto_Increment value as a static db record
identifier, I would not want this value to be modified once the row is


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