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From:Martin Edelius Date:July 5 1999 2:38pm
Subject:SV: Timestamp and total time taken
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>Can I simply use HH,MM from tdin to HH,MM of tdout?  Should I go about
>this a different way?  This is what I have so far for my table.  Would
>this be a perl script.?

In PHP3 I would use an int for tdin and tdout and store a value from the
time() function (the number of seconds since Unix). This value can then
be used with the date() function for almost everything, as well as
getting the difference between timein and timeout; tdtotal=tdout-tdin
(in seconds, multiply as you like to get minutes and hours).

I would be surprised if there wasn't similar functions in PERL.

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SV: Timestamp and total time takenMartin Edelius5 Jul