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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 5 1999 11:10am
Subject:How to close sockets, ports ?
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>>>>> "Plamen" == Plamen Petkov <plamendp@stripped> writes:

Plamen> 1. I got the following error as an output from safe_mysqld:
Plamen> ===
Plamen> [~/mysql] UserName@sun00404(pts/3)
Plamen> [5:41am]# bin/safe_mysqld
Plamen> Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /usr/sites/
Plamen> mysqld daemon ended
Plamen> [~/mysql] UserName@sun00404(pts/3)
Plamen> [5:42am]#
Plamen> ===

Plamen> 2. This is from <hostname>.err log file:

Plamen> ===
Plamen> ...
Plamen> 990705  5:42:04  Can't start server: Bind on TCP/IP port: Address already in
Plamen> use
Plamen> 990705  5:42:04  Do you already have another mysqld server running on port:
Plamen> 3306 ?
Plamen> 990705  5:42:04  Aborting
Plamen> ===

Plamen> NOTE: nobody on this server is running another mysql on port 3306. I've
Plamen> checked it out.

Plamen> 3. netstat -a | grep mysql
Plamen> f66c8158 stream-ord f697b090        0
Plamen> /usr/sites/
Plamen> f66c8d58 stream-ord f676a9c0        0
Plamen> /usr/sites/

Plamen> But there are NO socket files existing.

Plamen> 4. netstat -a | grep 3306

Plamen> *.3306               *.*                0      0     0      0 LISTEN

Plamen> This is a result from  'my' mysql daemon. But I shot it down succesfully ??
Plamen> I this is still here ?

Plamen> Well, I am not a 'network guru'. How can I clean this mess ?

Plamen> ---
Plamen> Plamen D. Petkov, plamendp@stripped
Plamen> ICQ 2214327
Plamen> FBiS First Bulgarian Internet Store
Plamen> ---


mysqld gets the above error comes from bind() unix call.  I am not
aware of any possible error source than that there is someone that is
using this socket.

Try starting mysqld directly (without safe_mysqld).


Check also the default socket mysqld is trying to use with:

libexec/mysqld --help


libexec/mysqld --print-defaults


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