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From:Martin Edelius Date:July 5 1999 8:12am
Subject:SV: Swedish characters in table/column names
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>What MySQL client are you using?

3.22.23b, from the RPM's.

>Have you tried to put the above in a text file and execute it from
>there with  "mysql database < file.sql"

That's what I did, only I put 'use database Service;' first in the text
file since I was unsure how to specify it at the command line...

The RH installation supports Swedish characters in filenames so I don't
think that's where the problem is.

First I tried to create the text file on my W98 machine but that was no
server but I can't see how that could affect it. I was thinking that

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SV: Swedish characters in table/column namesMartin Edelius5 Jul
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