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From:áÆÁÎÁÓØÅ× ç.ì. Date:February 16 2001 11:35am
Subject:Bug report
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The test script is a command that must place test value into a column
in the table. Syntaxis - ./test <placed-value>. Text of script:

#! /bin/bash
/usr/bin/mysql --user=**** --password=**** --host=localhost
--port=3306 --execute='INSERT INTO TableName SET TextField='$1''

echo $1

(of course, without line wrap)

Results of running this script:

[ms@sh test]$ ./test 11111
                             {REMARK - O'K}

[ms@sh test]$ ./test Test
ERROR 1054 at line 1: Unknown column 'Test' in 'field list'

In another words,there are normal work only with numerical
data, but  not with text. When there are text value, she understand
it as the name of column!!!

Version of mySQL is 3.22.32

 Format of column 'Textfield' is mediumtext (2). The placing of
any text data into this database via kmysqladmin is normal 
Bug reportafanassev16 Feb