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From:Van Date:July 4 1999 5:19pm
Subject:Re: Learning by example
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I've been using PHP for about a year and a half, and agree that the
learning curve isn't exactly transparent.  One suggestion is
and user the view source option in your searches.  Otherwise, I've found
the best approach is to view some php code that shows connections to the
db.  An excellent example is phpMyAdmin_1.4.2 on the (mysql?) page.

Linux rocks!!!

On Sun, 4 Jul 1999, Martin E. Koss wrote:

> I have been studying the mySQL manual and the PHP manual in hope of finding
> a 'sample for dummies' that will show me how to:
> 1- List Items from a Search and link them to a Detail View page
> 2- Use a form to display an existing item for updating.
> 3- Updating an item on submitting the form.
> The mySQL and PHP manuals hardly touch on sample syntax for the majority of
> these, and I can't find any tutorials on the web that actually go through
> all the basic uses of a database with PHP.
> Anyone know a decent book PHP/mySQL or a really good thorough tutorial
> online.
> Thanks.
> Martin.
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