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From:Sasha Pachev Date:July 3 1999 4:05am
Subject:Re: How to have more then 255 characters?
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Hawke Robinson wrote:
> Forgive my SQl ignorance, but how to I create a column than has a data
> type that will accept more than 255 characters?  I've been making
> multiple columns of varchar(255) to get around it, but this is awkward,
> and difficult to estimate, Please any suggestions would be greatly
> appreciated.  I've heard of Blob spaces, but is that just for images,
> and binary data?  Or can I put basic text in it, and what are it's
> limitations, and how to create them, etc? Or if that's not the correct
> route, please help guid me on this (hopefully very simple) issue.
> Thanks,
> -Hawke
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You can use text or blob
Sasha Pachev
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