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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 11 2001 7:51pm
Subject:Re: afraid of using mysql!
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At 7:10 PM +0000 2/11/01, php php wrote:
>I've just joined ur mailing list!
>i've never used mysql!
>i'm wondering if there is only one way to insert data to a table?
>i use the command line, no interface!

Yes, you write SQL statements.  But even if you write MySQL programs in
a programming language, you're likely to be telling the language to execute
SQL statements according to whatever functions your API provides for doing

>i have the mysql GUI but obviously it does not offer it it just offers
>showing tables and their data !
>i'm used to Asp with Oracle or access but i'm afraid of using mysql!
>is it difficult ? can u point me to sites that include all mysql data type,
>like memo, automatic numbers  etc

No need to be afraid.  However ...
It sounds like you'd find it worthwhile spending a little time reading
the MySQL manual.  The URL for the reference manual is at the bottom
of the message.

>i have already tried php with access, it  works , thwn with oracle , it does
>not work and as long a s i'm in hurry of finishing my project i decided to
>try mysql is it so difficult?

Anything like this is difficult is bound to be difficult if you don't use
the information that is available to you.  Without being able to say for
certain, I'd guess that this might one cause of your difficulties using
PHP with Oracle as well.

>what about inserting data to tables easily and quickly !
>another question, i have a form where the user enters two dates(d/m/y)
>after submittimg, i use a select syntax that extract from a table, the lines
>where the attibute date is between the ones of the form!
>do i have to convert the date extracted from the form ? to waht and how?

Umm .. don't know what to say.  I'm not sure what you're asking.

>Thanks a lot !
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