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From:Sly Golovanov Date:March 19 1999 10:23pm
Subject:failed to install MySql perl modules
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Hello there, Mysql!

I've tried to install MySQL for Win32 and ty to access it from perl.
I've downloaded from the archives:


And the MySQL binaries for win32. But, I've failed to install them.

Windows 98
Perl 5.004_2 for win32
Borland C++ 5.02
MS Visual C++ 5.0

MAKE Version 5.0  Copyright (c) 1987, 1997 Borland International
(this is Borland C++ 5.02):

Error makefile 129: Colon expected
Error makefile 142: Colon expected
Error makefile 774: Redefinition of target 'DBI.c'

Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility   Version 1.62.7022
(this is MSVC 5.0):

makefile(498) : fatal error U1003: syntax error : '=' missing in macro

BC5 make:

Error makefile 112: Colon expected
Error makefile 125: Colon expected

MSVC5 nmake:
makefile(395) : fatal error U1003: syntax error : '=' missing in macro

Tells me that i must install DBI first.

Unfortunately, I have no C++ programming abilities. What I should do?

Slava 'SLY' Golovanov

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