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From:Quentin Bennett Date:February 6 2001 10:00pm
Subject:RE: creating tables from the shell
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mysql -vvv samp_db < create_member.sql

should tell what commands mysql is executing.



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From: Michael Tuminello [mailto:mt@stripped]
Sent: Wednesday, 7 February 2001 10:05
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Subject: creating tables from the shell

Hey -

sorry for being too much of a pinhead to figure this out, but the 
server is really not giving me too many clues to work with.

I'm trying to execute commands from the shell to create new tables 
(I'm walking through the new riders book).

the book says % mysql samp_db < create_member.sql

for me, for whatever reason, mysql will not execute except from its 
root directory.  so I'm doing
% ./bin/mysql samp_db < ./var/mysql/create_member.sql
(the book also doesn't tell you where to put the executible scripts, 
so I stuck them in the data directory)

can anyone tell me why this isn't working?  it seems to execute (no 
error), but nothing happens.   Also, can anyone tell me if there is a 
way to get the server to tell you a little more about why things 
don't work?  I could use some help debugging, and the log entries are 
pithy, to say the least.

thanks in advance-


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