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From:Roger Ramirez Date:February 6 2001 9:41pm
Subject:RE: creating tables from the shell
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ok it looks like your funneling whatever query you have in create_member.sql
into mysql and executing it on the samp_db database.  From your filename I'm
assuming that you have a "create table" query within create_member.sql.  Is
the table not being created within samp_db?

Try this:
./bin/mysql samp_db
show tables;

and see if this doesn't output the member table that you are trying to
create from withing the .sql file.

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> From: Michael Tuminello [mailto:mt@stripped]
> Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 4:05 PM
> To: mysql@stripped
> Subject: creating tables from the shell
> Hey -
> sorry for being too much of a pinhead to figure this out, but the
> server is really not giving me too many clues to work with.
> I'm trying to execute commands from the shell to create new tables
> (I'm walking through the new riders book).
> the book says % mysql samp_db < create_member.sql
> for me, for whatever reason, mysql will not execute except from its
> root directory.  so I'm doing
> % ./bin/mysql samp_db < ./var/mysql/create_member.sql
> (the book also doesn't tell you where to put the executible scripts,
> so I stuck them in the data directory)
> can anyone tell me why this isn't working?  it seems to execute (no
> error), but nothing happens.   Also, can anyone tell me if there is a
> way to get the server to tell you a little more about why things
> don't work?  I could use some help debugging, and the log entries are
> pithy, to say the least.
> thanks in advance-
> MT
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