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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 2 1999 11:29am
Subject:sqlclient version 0.99 on mysql 3.22.23b-Linux RH6 Sparc
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>>>>> "Marco" == Marco Zotta <development@stripped> writes:

Marco> Hi,
Marco> I'm trying to use the sqlclient 0.99.

Marco> It seems i need the mysql++.64.1.1.b library and the DBI package.
Marco> The installation of DBI package has no problem, but the
Marco> mysql++.64.1.1.b...
Marco> When I try to compile mysql++.64.1.1.b with the make command, the
Marco> process breaks after produced a lot of object files in /mysql++-int
Marco> directory. It leaves the directory at the command:
Marco> ranlib libmysql++.a

Marco> What can i do? Where i'm wrong?

Marco> Thanks for every insantaneous Reply.


Try the update mysql++-1.0 version of the same library.

Available at:

sqlclient version 0.99 on mysql 3.22.23b-Linux RH6 SparcMichael Widenius2 Jul