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From:Jeremy Cole Date:February 6 2001 1:28pm
Subject:Re: Design philosophy
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> Because of various political issues during the development of our web
> site, it has been suggested that the web server and php scripts should
> be connected to the database server via a shared 2Meg WAN connection. As
> I am rather green when it comes to setting up internet sites which use
> databases I would welcome the comments of some "power" users who have
> experience of setting up large web database sites. For example:

Connecting your web servers to their lifeblood (the database) via a WAN
connection (especially shared!) is not a good idea.  The speed of the
frontend (the part the customer sees..) is totally dependant on the rate
at which the results can be returned from the database server.

>    * I presume it is essential to have as fast links as possible
>      (100meg) between the two servers

Definately.  Depending on traffic it may even be a good idea to go up to

>    * It is normal design philosophy  to have the php scripts on the web
>      server which talk to the database server or is there some other way
>      in which it could be done. What do Amazon do?

It is normal to have your PHP scripts on a server connected to your
database server, yes.

> Sorry if these are rather basic questions, but I would like the view of
> as many users as possible, and if possible the names of the sites which
> work on that principle.

Almost all sites that I know of work with this principle.



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