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From:David Allen Date:February 6 2001 11:07am
Subject:Design philosophy
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Because of various political issues during the development of our web
site, it has been suggested that the web server and php scripts should
be connected to the database server via a shared 2Meg WAN connection. As
I am rather green when it comes to setting up internet sites which use
databases I would welcome the comments of some "power" users who have
experience of setting up large web database sites. For example:

   * I presume it is essential to have as fast links as possible
     (100meg) between the two servers
   * It is normal design philosophy  to have the php scripts on the web
     server which talk to the database server or is there some other way
     in which it could be done. What do Amazon do?

Sorry if these are rather basic questions, but I would like the view of
as many users as possible, and if possible the names of the sites which
work on that principle.



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