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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 2 1999 4:45am
Subject:Re: Wierd message?
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>I'm sure this has been covered somewhere, but when I do something like:
>delete from this_table;
>I get:
>Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.02 sec)
>Yet, it deletes all the rows out of the table.
>Is this expected?  (i did want to delete all the rows, so it's no biggy to
>me, but I did expect it to say that rows were affected).

Yep, it's expected.  It's even documented, in the DELETE section
of chapter 7 of the MySQL reference manual.  It also says how to get
the count you want, if you're willing to write a slower query.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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