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From:Derick H Siddoway Date:March 19 1999 8:50pm
Subject:Re: SV: fastCPU vs moreRAM
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I've been meaning to install mySQL on my hand-crufted bit
of crud at home, which has a K62-300 in it.  I'll do that
this weekend and report the results.

From: on 03/19/99 10:28 AM
cc:	 (bcc: Derick H Siddoway/TC/TRS/American Express)
Subject:	SV: fastCPU vs moreRAM


Come to think of it, has anyone any experience from running MySQL on a
Celeron CPU? It'd be fun to see how much impact the smaller on-die cache
has. And a K6-2 CPU would be interesting too. A Celeron could be an
option if it's smaller cache doesn't hamper performance too much.

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