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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 1 1999 6:44pm
Subject:Re: Database running but not quite
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>>>>> "L" == L Farah <leefarah@stripped> writes:

L> Hi Monty and Jani,
L> Thanks for answering. The symptoms below are exhibited by the source
L> (3.22.23b) which I successfully (or so I think) compiled on an HP-UX 10.20
L> machine using egcs 1.1.2.


In this case it means that the 'resolveip' program doesn't work 100 %
right on HPUX.  (That's why you get the error about libc)

Any change you can find out what 'resolveip `hostname`' doesn't work?

L> The binary version (3.21.26gamma) which I downloaded exhibits completely
L> different behaviour.  I get a connect error EVERY other time on the money.

L> Disconnection example: ./bin/mysqladmin extended-status
L> ./bin/mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed; error: 'Lost
L> connection to MySQL server during query'

MySQL 3.21 has a VERY different connect code.  In 3.21 all connections 
are handled by the main thread.  In 3.22 all connections are handled
by a new created thread!


L> Do you guys think it could be the pthreads bind() call doing this ?
L> It does not appear to be file dicriptor limits (ulimit yields unlimited) or
L> file system permissions. I opened up everything for the debug . (chmod -R 777
L> /BASEDIR).  I can create a database just fine and can connect to it using
L> 3.22.23b but can't look inside any tables. Version  3.21.26 gamma won't let me
L> connect consistently, When I do connect, I get a failure the very next
L> ANYTHING I do. Networking is OK on the box and /etc/hosts has a localhost
L> entry as well as host name entry. (bobo) . I can connect using tcp/ip when I
L> start the 3.22.23b version.

L> All alone in the Mysql/Hewlett-Packard world . Thanks again gentlemen.

L> Lee Farah

L> Michael Widenius wrote:

Have you tried the binary at
This version (compiled with gcc 2.8.1) should work reasonable well.
(There is still some problem when running multiple threads, but I am
currently trying to debug this. The major problem is that I can't get
gdb to work on the HPUX machine I use for testing..)

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