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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 1 1999 5:13pm
Subject:Database running but not quite
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>>>>> "L" == L Farah <leefarah@stripped> writes:

L> Hello,
L> Has anyone seen this behaviour before ?
L> Mysql for HP-UX 10.20. PA1.1 gunzips fine, untars fine, configures fine.
L> The only warning I EVER get is when mysql_install_db starts, it prints
L> out the following warning at the very beginning:

L> WARNING: Your libc libraries are not 100 % compatible with this MySQL
L> version
L> mysqld should work normally with the exception that host name resolving
L> will not work.  This means that you should use IP addresses instead
L> of hostnames when specifying MySQL privileges !



Did you use a source a binary version?

If you used a binary version, you should check if the source version
would work better for you!

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