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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 1 1999 8:55am
Subject:need --skip-grant-tables
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>>>>> "John" == John Jacques <johnjac@stripped> writes:

John>  (mysqlbug info included below)
John> Hello, I'm using my own C program with the mysql client API. I can
John> access the mysql server fine from the command line (local terminal as
John> root), but from the same cgi-program and Netscape I get:
John> Access denied for user: '@localhost' to database 'database1'

John> I've been over the docs again and again, and the only thing that works
John> for the web is using the --skip-grant-tables when starting the mysqld
John> server.
John> The docs say to fix it make sure localhost is in the /etc/hosts/ file.
John> It's there.

John> Is this the way web access is suppose to work or is something wrong?
John> Also with it working this way does it just mean everyone has read/write
John> access to the databases? If so, that seems to be what I need for the web
John> right?

John> Thanks for any help
John> John Jacques
John> johnjac@stripped


The above means that you are not supplying the correct user name to
MySQL from your cgi program!  Check your connect call!

need --skip-grant-tablesJohn Jacques1 Jul
  • need --skip-grant-tablesMichael Widenius1 Jul