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From:Steve Edberg Date:January 29 2001 11:41am
Subject:Re: really really new
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At 11:48 AM -0700 1/28/01, Andrei Cojocaru wrote:
>there is the mysql command-line client, it's under bin under the 
>base directory, it's called mysql on UNIX and mysql.exe on 
>:-) command line all the way!
>On Sun, 28 Jan 2001 tlr7425@stripped wrote:
>>  and dumb too!
>>  if(?) there is no app to launch, i.e., no GUI (Mac OS Xpb) -how do i
>>  manipulate MySQL?
>>  if you say "RTFM" -where is that? or a site perhaps?
>>  thank you.
>>  (seems kind of broad for a list archive search.)
>>  p.s. i know there are front-end GUIs available, which do you folks
>  > recommend? (OS X pb.)

MacSQL - I use it extensively on MacOS 8.6; it runs also on 9 & X:


>EmpireQuest Creator

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