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From:Steve Edberg Date:January 26 2001 10:59am
Subject:Re: Querying database from another unix box......
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At 11:36 AM +0200 1/26/01, Mark Coetser wrote:
>Hi guys
>Havent worked much with mysql or any databses for that matter, I have
>created a small database on my unix box and I want to make a query to the
>database from another unix box without telneting in or ssh, I beleive that
>it runs on port 3306.............??? help

You need the mysql client on your computer (check the downloads 
section at; they probably have a client-only download). 
Then you can just use the -h parameter:

	mysql -u username -h hostname -p databasename

Also, the permissions on the database need to be set up to allow 
access from your computer; see the docs on setting up permissions and 
the 'GRANT' command.

	- steve

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Querying database from another unix box......Mark Coetser26 Jan
Re: Querying database from another unix box......Steve Edberg26 Jan