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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 30 1999 8:06pm
Subject:Optimize Table with: Fw: blobs and concat
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>>>>> "Troy" == Troy Grady <troy@stripped> writes:

Troy> Thanks for the speedy reply, Monty!  When you say "once in a while", do you
Troy> mean to imply that running OPTIMIZE TABLE regularly, like, say, once/twice a
Troy> week, would be undesirable?  If so, why?

Not undesireable, but desirable.

OPTIMIZE TABLE will defragment your table so that the table will be
much faster.  Running it once a week would probably help a lot in your 

Optimize Table with: Fw: blobs and concatTroy Grady30 Jun
  • Optimize Table with: Fw: blobs and concatMichael Widenius1 Jul