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From:Thimble Smith Date:March 19 1999 7:09pm
Subject:adding variables to 'mysql' program
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Hi.  I've got an idea that it would be nice (and not too hard) to
add some notion of variables to the 'mysql' program.  Then some
operations that have to be done in >2 queries would be a whole
lot easier to perform.  It would obviate the need for writing a
throw-away script for one-time database fixes.

For example, I do one query that returns a list of IDs, and another
query to DELETE FROM table WHERE table_id IN (${stored list of ids}).

I know that sub-selects will make this example obselete, but does
something like this sound like a good idea?  Does anyone have good
ideas about the syntax to use?  If there is enough interest (and I
can figure out a good way to do it), I'll try to implement it (no
guarantees on time, though, 'cause <insert your favorite excuse>).

adding variables to 'mysql' programThimble Smith19 Mar
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