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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 30 1999 4:48pm
Subject:Re: convert access data to mysql data ?...
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"Mr. B.HARI" wrote:
> Dear  Sir,
> We have access database.
> Now our objective is  to load these tables  as mysql  tables   in to
> We have tried several  methods    but could not do it?
> In our local NTSERVER  we could able to convert access to mysql table
> in the follwing ways.
> I) converted  the  access files into text files
> II) LOAD DATA INFILE ?c:\\textfile? INTO TABLE ?mysql table name? is
> command used
>   for storing text files into mysql files.
> III) they were stored  in the   local NTSERVER/DATA directory.
> But same thing we could not do  for  mysql  SERVER   our ISP is
> Communitech,  our server  is  mars
> I am facing an error ?access denied to username@localhost ?
> Please let us know how to  store data?
> Bharadwaj

Your privilege system is not properly configured. Make sure to read the
sections of the manual (#6 I believe) on the privilege system.

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