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From:Vivek Khera Date:January 22 2001 8:31pm
Subject:Re: mySQL vs Oracle
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>>>>> "AR" == Ann Ricchiazzi <annr@stripped> writes:

AR> I am trying to choose between mySQL and Oracle for a Linux server. My
AR> specific questions are:

AR> 1) Will mySQL handle 3000 hits/day well?

You need to define what a "hit" is.  Is it a simple select on the
primary key of a single table or a multi-table join without indexes?
How are your "hits" distributed over the duration of the day?

Also, how big are you expecting your data tables to be?

I'd venture to say that yes, MySQL can handle 3000 queries per day,
but it is hard to say without knowing what your load expectations are.

AR> 2) Does mySQL handle multi-media file formats? For example, if I want to
AR> store audio clips, or Flash movie clips, or PowerPoint presentations,
AR> can I do so?

MySQL can store binary objects.  You probably don't want to do that
for these things but instead store a pointer to a URL or filesystem
location.  The file system access would be much faster than cramming
the data down the database socket connection.

AR> We make the decision this decision at 3:00 today. Your advice will be
AR> most helpful.

Luckily you're on the west coast.  It is already 3:30 here. ;-)

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