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From:Steve Edberg Date:January 22 2001 4:36pm
Subject:Re: Veeery slow.
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At 2:15 PM +0100 1/22/01, Torkil Grindstein wrote:
>I'm running a mysql database, to which queries seem to take way
>too much time. The database contains just two tables, each with
>approx 10.000 rows. Simple select() calls to these can take more
>than a minute. Can this be right?

Can you post some examples of your queries, along with EXPLAIN SELECT 
output? It's hard to give much more information based upon this post, 
but one possibility is that you have no keys - or no useable keys - 
on those tables. See

Also, you might find some more info in the list archives; try a 
search for 'slow queries' or 'slow query' at

>My platform is a RedHat 6.1, running MySQL-3.22.32-1.
>Should I upgrade to RH 7.0 and MySQL-3.23-32?
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