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From:Dan Nelson Date:January 22 2001 3:01am
Subject:Re: thread-less daemon
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In the last episode (Jan 21), Noor Dawod said:
> I've got quite some feedback from people that FreeBSD's threading
> support sucks. One of the guys suggested that I build mysqld without
> thread support.

Building mysql without threads is impossible; mysql is extremely
thread-centric.  I doubt FreeBSD's threading model is your problem; in
most cases, it scales better on single-CPU systems than LinuxThreads. 
Its major drawback is disk I/O performed by one thread causes all
threads to stop until the read() returns.  But this can't be the cause
of your problem, since you're seeing high CPU, whereas high disk
activity would cause lower CPU utilization (because the process is
waiting for the disk).

If you really think the threading model is at fault, you can try
linking with LinuxThreads (ports/devel/linuxthreads).  I've never done
it myself, though, so I can't give you a step-by-step.

Before you try this, though, could you paste to us the output of "show
processlist" during one of these high-load periods, and the output of
"show status" before and after?  There's got to be something causing

	Dan Nelson
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