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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 29 1999 10:39pm
Subject:mysql on Sun running Solaris 2.7
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>>>>> "Sanjeeb" == Sanjeeb Bhuyan <s_bhuyan@stripped> writes:

Sanjeeb> Hi,
Sanjeeb>   First of all I'd like to thank all of you for the help you've given 
Sanjeeb> me..really,really appreciate it. Now this is what I'm trying to do now ...
Sanjeeb> I'm trying to install the latest version of mysql binary for solaris 2.6 on 
Sanjeeb> a Sun running Solaris 2.7 ...I was able to "untar" the file without the 
Sanjeeb> gnutar(is that supposed to work?)..this is a description --
Sanjeeb>                         MySQL problems ---

Sanjeeb> When I do ./script/mysql_install_db   ---
Sanjeeb> mysqld: Cannot find
Sanjeeb> Killed
Sanjeeb> Installation of grant tables failed!


It looks like your untar didn't work!  Check that you have the program 
mysqld in the bin or the libexec directory!

Try also to execute it as 'mysqld --help'


PS: When you get an error message, you should NOT try to contine until 
    you have solved the problem that caused the error message!
mysql on Sun running Solaris 2.7Sanjeeb Bhuyan30 Jun
  • mysql on Sun running Solaris 2.7Michael Widenius30 Jun