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From:Tõnu Samuel Date:June 29 1999 7:37pm
Subject:Re: Going from Linux to SCO
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Fulko Hew wrote:

> I understand about the SMP issue too.  But I doubt that we would ever
> get to an SMP environment either.  So I probably won't see that difference
> either.

NO! It is important! This is little bit off-topic related to kernels of different OS-s
but there are many cases when SMP machine can boost something up. On uniprocessor x86
linux machine you can try this:

At first when computer is idle try to execute some most trivial command you can find like

usually this takes 0.00 seconds to execute.

Now issue some command which takes long time to execute into background and then open
another MySQL client window and then execute this same simple SELECT NOW(); and you will
see execution time like 0.25 seconds or so.

I can explain how and why but this is another topic. This is feature and not the bug.
Just you want sometime to have high response time even if you have made some mistake like
opened 100MB logfile with vi. SMP is the requirement for many cases even if you have
enough processing power already.


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