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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 29 1999 5:25pm
Subject:Going from Linux to SCO
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>>>>> "Fulko" == Fulko Hew <fulko@stripped> writes:

Fulko>  Guillermo Sansovic <gui@stripped> asked:
>> The people I am working for want to change our current Linux server into
>> SCO. What kind of performance drop can I expect of this?
>> The computer will remain the same.
>> Any figures you may have will help enormously.

Fulko> Can't speak for mysql on Linux, but everything else on OpenServer seems
Fulko> to give identical performance.  I've heard people say that Linux is faster,
Fulko> but I haven't seen it.  When it comes to GUI stuff, I've always thought
Fulko> Linux was slower.  ie. the speed of windows poping up, mouse responsiveness,
Fulko> etc.


Which SCO version?  If you are talking about SCO Openserver (and not
SCO UnixWare) the major performance hit will be the thread
implementation;  Here you will probably loose about 10 %.

Another problem is also that threads on SCO Openserver can't utilize
SMP.  This may be a major hazel if you sometimes want to upgrade our

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